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Plan a night you’ll talk about for months

How many times have you been stuck at home wondering what to do that night? How often do you hunt down deals from bar to bar? And we both know, there is no easy way to plan a bar crawl, big or small.

In August 2020, the BarCrawl app will launch and change the way you go to your favorite bars. Stop hunting for deals that are scattered across tons of websites. Stop trying to coordinate your nights out using multiple apps and clunky group texts. Sign up to get notified when BarCrawl launches and start planning nights you won’t forget.


Create and share BarCrawls with anyone

BarCrawl is designed to make it easier for you to plan nights out with your friends. You add your favorite bars as stops on your next night out. Drag and drop the bars with the best deals right in to your BarCrawl. And when you’re done, share it with your friends, send it to your Dad, or feel free to send it over to that girl from marketing. 


BarCrawl’s simple design makes it easier than ever to map out an adventurous night. Quickly add as many bars as you’d like to your bar crawl. Plan around specials, live events, and your next stop.


You have it all planned out. Five bars, one night, the best deals, and plenty of memories to be made. 
Go ahead; invite the guys, invite the girls. Get everyone involved. With BarCrawl, it is easier than ever to get everyone in on the game plan. 


Everyone showed up. All of the bars are packed. Your group can’t get split. BarCrawl helps keep your night going by giving everyone live updates.
Where to next? When can I eat? What happened to Jordan?


What You Get

Create & Share BarCrawls

Build a BarCrawl that you can share with your friends. Add as many or as few stops as you want. Plan the perfect night out. Over and over again.

Your Night, On the Map

Putting your BarCrawl on the map for you and your crew to follow. Make it public and invite as many crawlers as you want. 

Deal Hunting

Happy hours, drink specials, and live entertainment. When you’re planning your night, get the most for your money from the spots you love.  

Chat on the Go

Keep in touch with the other crawlers. The built-in chat feature keeps you connected throughout the night.


BarCrawl Templates

In a new city? Looking for all the best spots? Checkout the templates built by BarCrawl influencers. They’re jam-packed with top bars.

Ease of Mind

Everyone has that friend who gets lost before 2 AM rolls around. They will be able to find you quicker than ever now. Request a fellow crawlers location on the map.

BarCrawl Launch Tee


An exclusive, all-black, pocket tee.  Don’t miss out on your chance to wear the all new BarCrawl logo before our August 7th launch date.

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Get Crawling!

Start planning a night you and your friends won’t forget.